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Porter Fischer -  Founder , The Porter Project. 

Well, Porter is what our organization calls a passionate, forward thinking idealist (to put it mildly).  


Porter is no virgin when it comes to conflict or standing up for doing what is right. Most recently in 2013 he turned a nationwide focus onto professional athletes and their PED/steroid use as well as uncovered the underbelly of illegal clinics, doctors and steroid suppliers to grade/high school children and young athletes. 

This is not viewed as just a South Florida problem, to him it’s a nationwide health epidemic.


Porter is a native Floridian and has resided in Miami suburbs his entire life (not including that tiny stint in San Diego, but realized the error of his ways quickly and returned to SoFlo).

He is a proud graduate of Florida State University (Go Seminoles) with a Bachelor of Science in Arts & Advertising.

"comeclean and competeclean are the basis for everything we do at The Porter Project and sometimes you have to get dirty to comeclean." ~ Porter 

Tarah Fenn - Administration/Creative, The Porter Project (2014-2018)

As a high school student I realized that sports were not my calling. I was uncoordinated, short and not the most ideal weight for any sport. I never encountered someone who wanted me to "enhance my performance" but if I had, I'm not sure how I would have handled that pressure. 


Personally, I have always tried to embody a comeclean, competeclean lifestyle. 


Professionally, I have over 15 years of business experience in fundraising, event planning, labor management, operations, strategy and business development. While representing multimillion dollar brands and clients, I didn't feel the same sense of accomplishment that I do with The Porter Project. 


It is my goal to be one of our nation's leading advocates for young athletes to remain "clean" from steroids and enhancement drug usage when playing youth, collegiate and professional sports. 


Just as a mother always wants to protect her children, I am just as passionate about protecting your children. The Porter Project has tons 


As President of The Porter Project, I look forward to filling my days with building gratifying relationships, partnerships and moving The Porter Project along in the right direction, with the help of all of you.


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Porter Project Posse Members

Dr. Kenneth Woliner - Medical Advisor

Fmr, Detective Jerome Hill - Investigative/Legal Consultant 

Board of Directors

Calling for board of director nominations. If you are interested in applying to be on our board, please reach out to us via email @ info@theporterproject.org 














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theporterproject  is a federally approved 501(c) 3 charitable organization through the IRS and GuideStar (EIN# 46-5443947). theporterproject focuses on keeping young and developing athletes free from steroids and PED use. We teach young people to comeclean to their lives and promote clean and fair competition across all sports. 

comecleanTM events is a division of theporterproject and operates "clean" events throughout various cities across the country,  promoting community involvement, education, prevention, and clean athletes both amateur and professional.  


cleanjusticeTM is a division of theporterproject.    This bold initiative revolves around crisis management, data aquisition, law enforcement partnerships and in-depth support for legislative change for the preventative education and pro-active protection of  our communities, families. and youth across the country. 


Contact Us: info@theporterproject.org