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theporterproject is pleased to be working with national medical institutions, highly acclaimed physicians, senators, and even previous steroid and performance enhancement drug users to give you all the answers you need to feel educated on this critical topic. Click one of the links below, and don't forget to become part of the  CLEAN TASK FORCE, once your signed up you will receive a comeclean wristband!

Dr. Kenneth Woliner

Sr Executive Medical Consultant 

Holistic Family Medicine

Boca Raton, Florida

We are proud to welcome Dr.Woliner and his responsible business practice, Holistic Family Medicine into the ongoing efforts of theporterproject. We will be working directly with him  to educate us on the dangerous side effects of anabolic steroids. We applaud Dr.Woliners holistic approach to wellness and responsible stance on administering medications. 

Mayo Clinic Case Study 1

Understanding the warning signs 

Mayo Clinic Case study 2

Know the risks 

Steroid Q&A 

Glossary of PED and Steroid use


Steroid Terms & Definitions

An educational area packed with steroid factoids and glossary /slang terms for anabolic steroids. 

These are images of the stark reality that anabolic steroids and the destructive addiciton that these pharmaceuticals can have on normal everyday people looking ....for the "edge".

Listed above are valuable articles and clinical studies that are published by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. They highlight the warning signs and the risks regarding young adults and anabolic steroids. 














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