Why cupcakes? Funny you should ask. In a Miami court house with lots of courtroom banter back and forth with Porter and the judge, Porter blurts out "Where is my thank you? Where is my cupcake?" Enough said. We give cupcakes because........ theporterproject IS Porter's cupcake! 

Tim Elfrink 

Managing Editor, Miami New Times 


Tim Elfrink and the Miami New Times investigative reporting broke wide one of the biggest sports scandals in history.  Without Tim's belief in Porter, the Biogenesis truth may never have became public. Cupcake for you, Sir. 

Dr. Peggy Jones 

Florida High School Athletic Association


Theporterproject is proud to work with the FHSAA on the safety of our youth athletes!  Cupcake for the FHSAA. 

Don Hooten 

Founder, Taylor Hooten Foundation 

We would like to thank the Taylor Hooten Foundation for being pioneers in the charge against the battle of PED's and APED's. A Cupcake for you Mr. Hooten. 

Senator Chris Smith 

Florida State, Democratic Party 


Thanks to Senator Smith and his team for moving SB746- Health Care Clinic Bill into the Criminal Justice Committee.  Cupcake for you ! 

Billy Corben  

Director & Owner Rakuntur 

A Miami native, Director of the cult classic documentary... Cocaine Cowboys, Billy and

his entire crew should get a dozen cupcakes

These guys really kick A$$ in collecting our cupcakes!!!

Jerome Hill 

Lead Investigator, Florida Department of Health

Without Jerome none of the prosecuting or legal advancements would have been possible. 

Mike Fish 

Senior Writer - ESPN 


Thanks to Mike and the team and ESPN. Their fair and balanced coverage of the Biogenesis storyline, helped exact positive change and oversight in professional sports. 

Senator Eleanor Sobel 

Florida State, Democratic Party 


Florida State is a safer place, thanks to the submission of  SB746- Health Care Clinic Bill through the Florida Senate. A big Thank you to Eleanor Sobel and her team!   With a big Thank you, Cupcake for you 














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