If you are entering 9th -12th grade and you are prepared to make a "Come Clean, Play Clean" committment in your high school sports career, you have come to the right place!


We have great information and even some scholarship and grant dollars set aside for the best and brightest! 


Have you been accepted to college and ready to make a commitment in your college career to be a Come Clean, Play Clean Athlete? 


We have dollars set aside for the best and brightest and for students who will let us monitor their college career in both sports and academics!



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theporterproject  is a federally approved 501(c) 3 charitable organization through the IRS and GuideStar (EIN# 46-5443947). theporterproject focuses on keeping young and developing athletes free from steroids and PED use. We teach young people to comeclean to their lives and promote clean and fair competition across all sports. 

comecleanTM events is a division of theporterproject and operates "clean" events throughout various cities across the country,  promoting community involvement, education, prevention, and clean athletes both amateur and professional.  


cleanjusticeTM is a division of theporterproject.    This bold initiative revolves around crisis management, data aquisition, law enforcement partnerships and in-depth support for legislative change for the preventative education and pro-active protection of  our communities, families. and youth across the country. 


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